Days 88-90 – Cape Range National Park

27th-29th August, 2016.

The day finally arrived when we could book in to our camp site at Kurrajong in the Cape Range National Park. We got away early from Minilya after fuelling up at the roadhouse and began the drive north west to Exmouth where we would stock up on groceries and then make our way down the southern side of the peninsular to the National Park.

Rain was threatening all the way down the coast and there was a heavy shower which finished just as we arrived at the campground so we were able to set up without getting wet. Looking at our campsite, you would think that we were all on our own but every campsite in every campground in Cape Range was booked out every day for weeks on end. Only advance online bookings can be made through the WA National Parks website. It’s quite a pain because you need to know in advance when you will be arriving which for travellers like us is not always easy to predict, hence why we had an extra day waiting at Minilya.

The Kurrajong campground is well set out with spacious sites well separated from each other and with a sand dune providing protection from the on shore winds. It was a good thing having some separation between us and the ocean because we had very strong winds for two days of our stay making it rather unpleasant to sit outside.

We spotted a few whales outside the reef but they were quite a distance away.

Erich decided to have a play with medium long exposure resulting in blur when photographing the waves crashing on the reef.

The low shrubbery around the campground provides wonderful habitat for birds and native animals.

Lots of Zebra Finches.


This boardwalk to the beach was located just behind our site.

Heaps of Kangaroos and Wallabies.

There were plenty of people swimming but it was too cold for us.

One of the main reasons for coming to Cape Range NP was to do the Yardie Creek Boat Tour into the Gorge. No tours were running on the Saturday due to low tides so we booked the 11.30am tour on the Monday, hoping it would not be too crowded after the weekend.

Looking towards the mouth of Yardie Creek from a walk along the cliff. The bar across the creek is accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles which can drive up from Ningaloo along the beach. Not something to be attempted with a caravan in tow.

Looking back up the creek towards the gorge.

Kayaking is very popular on this safe waterway.

A trio of Pied Cormorants.

Some of the beautifully coloured cliffs along the creek.

We spent some time looking for the elusive Black-footed Rock Wallabies that live in the cliffs and were rewarded with quite a few sightings. They blend in so well with their background that they are difficult to spot.

The gorge is navigable for a relatively short distance and is quite shallow in places but the scenery is very beautiful.

One of the highlights was seeing an Osprey nest with the parents and a chick. It was difficult to get good shots of the birds at the nest though.

But we managed some shots of the parents when they left the nest looking for food.

Interesting rock formations.

Fig trees sending out aerial roots as they cling to the cliffs.

This time we saw the whole family.

As always there were pretty wildflowers around.

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