Days 91-94 – Dampier and surrounds 2

2nd September, 2016.

We decided to make a day trip to the towns of Point Samson, Cossack and Roebourne and to include some Geocaching along the way.

It started out a beautiful morning for Erich’s walk by the bay.

The port looks almost attractive in the early morning light.

The hunt for the first Geocache of the day led to a lovely view.

And not too difficult a find once approached from the right direction.

Our drive took us north approximately 60kms almost to the town of Roebourne where we turned towards the coast and the small village of Point Samson. This is very much a place of holiday homes and fishing shacks with a couple of caravan parks for those who enjoy being close to the ocean but it is a very windy place. We managed to find a Geocache very close to the beach with hundreds of sea birds standing around on the rocks.

There was another Geocache at the old railway station site.

Driving back past the modern town of Wickham, we stopped at a display of mining equipment to log another find.

Next stop was the abandoned town of Cossack, now purely a destination for day-trippers to see the well preserved buildings and to learn some of the history of this former supply harbour and pearling town.

A Spinifex Pigeon posing.

The search for our first cache here took us on a long walk along the beach which would have been lovely had it not been so hot. The cache was hidden in this dense thicket of bush.

The view from the lookout certainly foreshortens the length of the beach.

There was a Geocache up here among the rocks too but unfortunately it eluded us.

Next we decided to tackle a multi-cache (not Erich’s favourite type of cache) at the Asian Cemetery. Fortunately all the clues were to be found on this headstone and the resulting coordinates revealed the cache close by.

By now we were getting hungry and with nothing on offer in Cossack, we headed back to Roebourne. All we knew of Roebourne were the entertaining anecdotes told to us by a former female prison guard, now retired, at the old Roebourne Prison, who was camped at Standown Park when we had our extended stay there in 2014. We found a great cafe staffed mostly by local indigenous youngsters and had very good coffee and burgers, all freshly made and very cheap.

Sunset at the Dampier Port.

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