Days 98-100 – Broome for the third time

6th-8th September, 2016.

Well here we were again, back in Broome for the third time! We honestly thought when we left last time that we would not return again but it was 10,000kms of travel since our last vehicle service in Broome back in June so it was necessary to have another service before we ventured another 4,500kms or so back to home.

Back at Broome’s Gateway, I had a day to do the washing while Erich gave the car a good clean at the wash down area. It’s very unusual to find a caravan park where you are allowed to wash your car or van but Broome’s Gateway is located on an aquifer so there is no shortage of water there.

The first morning was very foggy making for some great photos.

The next morning was clear providing some stark contrast.

Crested Pigeon.

Great Bowerbird.

We had no idea how we were going to occupy the 5-6 hours it would take to service the car. Fortunately, this time we had the forethought to ask for a courtesy car which was happily provided by Broome Toyota. We’ve had our vehicle serviced there three times now and cannot fault their service department. We still had no idea what to do as we have already seen everything that interests us in Broome.

So we sat for a while at Town Beach which is always lovely.

Then we decided to drive out to the Bird Park at 12 Mile outside of Broome. I’m not keen on caged birds but I have to say that this is a very well set out park, everything was very clean and the birds looked well cared for. Many of the birds were foreign so I don’t remember their names and the more uncommon Australian birds will also have to go nameless here.

That occupied some time and then we had lunch at Matso’s, a boutique brewery with restaurant, centrally located in Broome. By the time lunch was finished we had a call to say the car was ready to be collected. We said our farewells to Broome and don’t expect to visit there again but despite what many people say, we really like it and would advise anyone who is undecided about visiting to do so. There is a lot of interesting history and great scenery.

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