Days 106-107 – Sullivan Creek Rest Area

14th -15th September, 2016.

Our drive out of Keep River NP was a little easier than our drive in as our tyres were cold and therefore had significantly lower pressure. Still we took it easy just to be sure. We were driving over familiar ground once back on the Victoria Highway but we still appreciated the beauty of the area.

We stopped in Timber Creek to refuel – two service stations side-by-side and a 10c difference per litre. I don’t get it but obviously the dearer station gets enough business to maintain their pricing policy. If y ou happen to be passing through Timber Creek, the Mobile Servo, the most easterly, is always the cheapest. I also bought a cucumber which I had forgotten in Katherine. A continental cucumber and a short one at that – $3.85!

We arrived at Sullivan Creek camp ground around lunchtime to find the place empty except for a whizz-bang stopped for lunch and departing shortly after our arrival.

We set up in the same spot where we camped on our westward journey – out of the way and with the awning side of the van facing roughly east to give us shade in the afternoon. As we were waiting on our mail to arrive in Katherine, we decided to spend two nights here. It’s a National Park site, unlimited stay but $3.30 per person per night.

The countryside is looking dry and thirsty.

A quiet couple of days with nothing very noteworthy about them.

There is a waterhole close by but nothing to get too excited about.

So Erich spent his time trying to photograph the local birds.

A Peaceful Dove – they seem to be everywhere around the country.

I first thought this was a Restless Flycatcher but this area is out of their territory. Finally identified him as a Paperbark Flycatcher.

A Yellow-tinted Honeyeater.

Don’t bother searching for a bird here – there is none. Erich just liked the tree!

Similar to the Rainbow Lorikeet which does not occur in this area, this is a Red-Collared Lorikeet.

Here is a face that only a mother could love – similar to the Noisy Friarbird found it Qld, this is the Silver-crowned Friarbird.

And a close relative – the Little Friarbird.

I’m not 100% sure about this one but I lean towards Brown Honeyeater.

Another Great Bowerbird – they have a very distinctive hissing call.

The Peaceful Dove is really a camera hog

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