Alaska Cruise – Part 5

3rd June, 2017.

Today we were scheduled to visit Kasaan and Thorne Bay but due to gale force winds in Clarence Strait, the Captain had decided to take the vessel all the way around the Behm Canal through sheltered waters and make our way to Wrangell. As the Captain said, the boat would have made it just fine but the passengers would not have enjoyed the trip! Each day this map was updated with our route and also the wildlife that was seen.

We motored all through the night so that we would be in good position in the morning to make the turn north into a more sheltered area of the Clarence Strait. All went without incident and we approached Wrangell after breakfast.

Emily, our Expedition Leader, planned a hike to the Mt Dewey Trailhead for those who were feeling energetic and, for the less enthusiastic among us, Archie, our Cultural Interpreter was making the trip to the Museum. No prizes for guessing that Erich did the hike and I improved my local knowledge at the Museum. I’m not really much for museums but this one was particularly well done covering the arrival of Europeans to the area and their impact on the local indigenous tribes.

Before we split into groups, Archie took a group photo by the dock.

This cat thought we looked an interesting bunch.

Meanwhile, Erich was out and about with his camera.

The view at the end of the hike up.

And the woods along the way down.

The Museum Group

Some more shots of Alaskan Dream moored.

We enjoyed lunch back aboard and then there was time for some more photos ashore.

While we were off enjoying ourselves dinner preparations were well underway.

Leaving Wrangell after refuelling.

9 p.m. that night.

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