Alaska Cruise – Part 6

4th June, 2017.

Due to our weather enforced itinerary change, we were now a day ahead of where we should be. The Captain, being a resourceful fellow, arranged for us to dock in Petersburg, a town with a rich Norwegian history, and in short order organised a local Norwegian heritage dancing group to entertain us and provide morning tea.

Despite the slightly gloomy weather, Erich took some great photos of our approach to the town.

Again the weather was less than inviting but the local youth wandered through town in their traditional costumes without a care for the weather. We, tourists, were bundled up against the rain.

The venue for our morning tea and traditional Norwegian dance display.

Whilst waiting for the appointed time, we wandered around town taking photos of some of the Norwegian-inspired architecture and artwork.

The morning tea was wonderfully prepared by the locals with traditional Norwegian delicacies. I bought one of their cookbooks and will try to replicate some of the yummy treats we enjoyed.

For such a small town, this bookshop was amazing and opened especially for us on a Sunday.

One of Alaskan Dream’s sister vessels in port at the same time.

We had to take a photo of this boat named in honour of our middle daughter, Tracy Ann!

We enjoyed lunch back on board.

A few photos before we disembarked again to take part in the Muskeg Bog walk.

To be continued in the next blog.

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