Alaska Cruise – Part 7

4th June, 2017. Petersburg Alaska continued.

Following lunch on board, the local school bus collected us for a drive around town and to drop us off at the start of the Muskeg Bog trail walk. Emily, our Expedition Leader, guided us along this easy walk stopping at points of interest along the way. Muskeg consists of dead plants in various states of decomposition (as peat), ranging from fairly intact sphagnum moss, to sedge peat, to highly decomposed humus.

On the drive back to the boat, Erich asked to be dropped off in town so that he could take photographs as he walked back to the docks.



This little Buddha certainly seems out of place in its surroundings.

Soon we cast off – the following photos along the shore/

Moody skies as we motored out of the harbour.

Steller Sea Lions were fighting for a spot on the buoy.

It seems that every cruise we take involves some kind of assistance to fellow boaters. One of the passengers noticed this boat in distress as we passed. Their outboard motors had died and their battery was flat so they could not call for help. Our tender was deployed to tow the small boat back to harbour. We had a similar experience on our Kimberley Cruise last year.

During the whole cruise we could check our position at any time on this screen. It was quite a focal point for most of the passengers. We also had something similar on our Kimberley Cruise.

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