Canada 2017 – Keremeos to Osoyoos

18-19th June, 2017.

Having studied the map and making the decision that we would keep heading roughly east, we drove only around 40kms to the lakeside town of Osoyoos, which we quickly discovered was a popular tourist destination. There were a number of RV Parks but they all looked very full, cramped and not at all appealing. There was a small provincial park on a peninsula jutting into the lake that looked like it might suit us but all the sites bordering the lake were booked and our only possibility would have been to pull up along the edge of the access road. Not our idea of a nice spot. However the caretaker gave us a tip for an RV Park located on the lake, though a fair drive from town, where there would be plenty of room and where she said they “snowbird” over the winter months.

Armed with this information, we headed back into town to have lunch and stock up on groceries. The RV Park turned out to be ideal with plenty of space available and we were able to get a spot close to the laundry so I could catch up on the washing.

Although our site was not close to the lake, we had some pleasant walks to the water’s edge for lovely views across the lake.

It was always fun to watch the squirrels busily going about their business.

As we were in no real hurry, we decided to spend a second night there and discovered a small Mexican themed cafe where we had an early dinner on the second night.

The beef and chorizo burgers were nice and spicy and I enjoyed my Mojito.

A revelation for us was the prevalence of “full service” (power, water and sewer) sites at the majority of RV Parks throughout Canada. We have only come across this once in Australia, at the G’Day Mate Caravan Park in Alice Springs. It became obvious to us that all RVs (motorhomes, caravans and 5th wheelers) in Canada are fitted with both grey and black water tanks so emptying these tanks is never an issue there. This park was the first that we booked with full service as we were getting due to empty our tanks.

So much easier and more pleasant than having to empty our caravan toilet cassette.

The drive south-east out of Osoyoos was quite spectacular with great views back over the town and lake.

This peninsula is a small provincial park with RV camping but was fully booked at the time.

The RV Park we stayed at is in the centre bottom of this photo running in a straight line left to right from the lake.

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