Canada 2017 – Osoyoos to Castlegar

20th June, 2017.

I was a bit ahead of myself with the previous post and should have saved the photos of the views leaving Osoyoos for this one. Never mind. There is no shortage of photos!

Our route from Osoyoos took us further east and almost parallel to the US border, located just to the south, until we passed Grand Forks where we turned north towards the town of Castlegar, our planned stop for the night. We arrived at around lunchtime, had lunch in a very nice Greek restaurant (The Wandering Greek Oven) and went for a walk around town. It’s great to see these small towns making an effort to attract tourists. In this case the Sculpture Walk was well worth a look.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a plaque explaining the meaning of the art work.

I’m not sure about this one.

Castlegar is located at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers as referenced below.

We set off to look for an RV Park for the night and were very happy to find the Kootenay River Kampground (sic) situated right beside the Kootenay River. There were various warning signs about the dangers of swimming in the fast flowing river but the water would have been much too cold in any case.

Again we had a lovely grassy green site with plenty of room even though the park was almost filled with the huge 5th wheelers that are so common in Canada. This little bird hopped around outside our van for a while.

The grounds were beautifully kept making it a pleasure to stay there.

Our spot for the night.

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