Canada 2017 – Summit Lake to Golden

22nd June, 2017.

Leaving Summit Lake Provincial Park, we drove west towards Nakusp and then north for a couple of hours to reach the ferry crossing from Galena Bay to Shelter Bay on the Upper Arrow Lake. This is said to be the longest free vehicular ferry crossing in the world. We arrived just in time to be the last vehicle aboard.

This tanker was refuelling the ferry as we made the crossing.

The scenery was spectacular and the crossing very smooth.

Approaching our disembarkation point at Shelter Bay.

Our loose plan was to head to Revelstoke and decide what to do once we checked out the town. Our first stop was at the Visitor Centre where we bought a map of a few self-guided walking tours. We have always found these to be a great way to see a town. Unfortunately the route we chose looked better on paper than in person and after wandering around for a while we abandoned the exercise and found a place to have lunch and contemplate our stop for the night.

Following are a few photos from our short walk around Revelstoke.

This map shows our route to this point. Ignore the driving time. It took us a week to get to this point.

After lunch we decided to press on to Golden over Rogers Pass in the Glacier National Park. There were massive roadworks all the way through the pass which meant that we could not stop for any photo opportunities and the windscreen was far too dirty to get any decent shots from the vehicle.

We were able to book a spot in the Golden Community RV Park situated right on the edge of the Columbia River. Unfortunately, the railway line was directly on the opposite bank and was quite noisy. We walked back into town along the river to have a look around but there was nothing very remarkable about the town.

More Swiss connections with Canada.

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