Canada 2017 – Golden to Fort Steele via Kimberley

23rd June, 2017.

After an early visit to the dump point to empty the grey and black water tanks and a quick refuel of the motorhome, we were soon motoring south with no set plan apart from following the road. We had thought that Radium Hot Springs would be an interesting place to look around but there was not much to the town and certainly nothing of interest to us so we didn’t stop. The town of Kimberley required a slight detour off our route to Alberta but it sounded as though it could be worth a visit. As we had been in the Kimberley area of Western Australia last year, we were keen to compare.

The mall area is certainly very “kitsch” but we enjoyed it all the same.

We had lunch at the Bavarian Schnitzel House where the owner brought out this array of homemade mustards to complement our schnitzels, a few of which we sampled. The vivid green Madagascar Peppercorn mustard was very good.

This impressive pedestrian bridge spanned a creek running through the middle of the town.

We now planned to spend the night at Fort Steele but rather than retrace our path, we decided to do the loop through Cranbrook as the camp ground we had chosen was to the south of the Fort Steele township.

Shortly after leaving Kimberley we came to the village of Marysville where the Mary Falls are just a short walk from the main road.

We found our way to the Fort Steele Campground where the owners proved to have a sense of humour. Apparently, campers regularly get this campground confused with the one in town. No reservations here and cash only. It was quite rustic and though there were other campers, we were around a corner completely on our own, just the way we like it.

The weather was inviting for Erich to take a walk with his camera before we settled down for a quiet evening.

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