Canada 2017 – Icefields Parkway Part 1

29th June, 2017.

After the drizzly day yesterday we woke to glorious sunshine again and quickly packed up and headed back through Kickinghorse Pass and then turned north onto the Icefields Parkway, 227kms of road also known as Highway 93. Having studied the map I was a little concerned that we might be travelling this road in the wrong direction to be able to pull off at all the suggested viewing points as most of them seemed to be on the left . We did have to miss a few places as we weren’t able to safely turn off and some where there were so many vehicles already parked that there just wasn’t enough room. The stops early in the morning were much less crowded.

Bow Lake.

Looking down on Peyto Lake. It was a very steep walk up from the car park to this point but the view was worth the effort and the lake was the most beautiful colour.

This is roughly the route we took from Revelstoke to Peyto Lake.

We chose Honeymoon Lake Campground for our overnight stop and there were plenty of campsites to choose from, although not close to the lake. It was not too far to walk to get some good photos of the lake.

Walking the circuit road back to our campsite, we checked out the Canadian version of a camp kitchen.

Very prominent signs everywhere about not leaving out “attractants” because of the bears and very large fines for anyone who does. The site next to us had a couple of tents in it and the occupants had gone away somewhere. When the rangers came to check the site, they confiscated quite a few items, making a list of everything they took. We don’t know if they issued a fine but they certainly take the issue very seriously.

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