Canada 2017 – Jasper to Valemount

1st July, 2017.

Canada Day dawned overcast and raining. As we needed fuel and retail outlets, as far as we knew, would only be open till midday we made an early start from Jasper Gates RV Park. Fuelling up near Hinton, around 18kms to our east seemed like the best option even though we planned to continue our journey west and back into British Columbia. After a lengthy delay at the bowsers we eventually were back on the highway heading in the direction of Jasper. The weather began to lighten a little and as we neared Jasper we encountered a whole lot of vehicles stopped beside the road. We soon spotted a herd of what we think were female Caribou because they had no antlers and because we had seen a large male Caribou complete with antlers in the same area the previous day. Unfortunately, we weren’t in a position to stop that time.

This time we were able to safely stop but the herd was quite a distance from the road so good photographs were a bit difficult.

Once through Jasper we were heading west over Yellowhead Pass with the road following the route of the Canadian National Railroad which, as well as being a busy goods route, carries the Rocky Mountaineer tourist train. The skies were still overcast but even so, it was a pretty drive.

The weather lightened as we stopped at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre but it was so crowded with people attending their Canada Day celebrations that we just took a few photos and continued on our way planning our overnight stop in Valemount.

I took the following photos from the motorhome with my iPad so the quality is not great. I really missed having a camera on this trip!

Once again Valemount didn’t quite live up to the tourism blurb that I had read but we found a nice RV Park that was not at all crowded. There was nothing worthy of photos around the town but Erich had a walk in the woods near the RV Park in the afternoon and captured a few nature shots.

In town, we had a great dinner at the Caribou Grill where we were served by an Australian girl who had just moved to the area with her boyfriend. We all had a laugh when we asked what a New York Strip Steak was and she had no idea. It was delicious though!

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