Canada 2017 – Wells Gray Provincial Park to Vernon

4-5th July, 2017.

Despite the dozens of mosquito bites we took away from the Wells Gray Provincial Park, we thoroughly enjoyed our two nights there and were glad we made the detour. We retraced our route south to Clearwater and then continued south to Kamloops. The further we went the drier the terrain became. We were still following the Canadian National Railway and saw the Rocky Mountaineer in a siding to the north of Kamloops.

The closer we got to the city, the more the traffic increased and the more barren the countryside became.

I had plotted a route that would avoid the city centre as we had no interest in seeing it. We stopped for lunch at an A&W fast food restaurant on the eastern loop road where we had free internet to plan our stop for the night.

We settled on the small town of Chase which had a small RV park run by the Lions Club. It was right on the river and a decent spot for a night but once again not much of significance nearby.

Erich captured this young Bald Eagle in a tree near our campsite.

Next morning, we continued east along the river stopping in Salmon Arm to sort out a few things and then continuing to Sicamous where we turned south in the direction of Vernon. This was a really pretty drive along the rivers and lakes but not too many places to stop for photo opportunities.

As it was nearing lunchtime, Vernon looked like an interesting place to stop but the traffic was really heavy so we weren’t keen to hang around. We spotted a seafood restaurant in a shopping centre with plenty of parking space and while we had a very nice lunch, I consulted maps and iPad apps looking for somewhere to stay that night. We had passed a couple of RV Parks on the highway that looked really crowded and I wasn’t hopeful of finding something nice. One RV Park that took my eye was on the western side of Swan Lake just north of Vernon. It was a pleasant drive on the western side of the lake from Vernon away from the highway and the RV Park was able to fit us in for the night. It was delightful and we had a great chat with our Canadian neighbours who even brought us back some lovely fresh cherries from their shopping foray later in the day.

What a gorgeous outlook from the water’s edge at the RV Park.

We had this view until quite late in the afternoon when another van took that spot.

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