Canada 2017 – Wells Gray Provincial Park

3rd July, 2017.

Following a dreadful night being kept awake by about a million mosquitoes in the motorhome, we decided to explore further into the park. Not far back on the main road north was the turn off to Helmcken Falls, at 141m the 4th highest waterfall in Canada. It certainly was impressive.

Continuing on towards Clearwater Lake, we came upon this fellow strolling along the road. I wasn’t too happy about Erich winding down his window to get these shots! However, the bear took absolutely no notice of us while we watched him for a couple of minutes.

Next stop was Bailey Shute, a truly impressive part of the river where the water rushes down over the rapids and salmon meet their demise in their attempt to get upriver to spawn. I can imagine it could be very attractive to bears in the spawning season. Fortunately, we hadn’t reached that time yet but I was looking over my shoulder during the whole kilometre or so walk through the woods to the lookout point.

Looking upriver.

The photos cannot do justice to the majestic sight we saw. The power and sound of the water was breathtaking.

Are there bears in there? Fortunately we didn’t see any.

While I was on “bear watch”, Erich got a few macro shots.

Clearwater Lake Campground was certainly packed but looked like it would be a lovely place to stay. We drove out to the boat ramp but there was not a lot to see.

We had lunch at the log cabin cafe but were plagued again by mosquitoes. We could have dined under protection though.

These birds (humming birds) remind me a little of our Rainbow Bee-eaters.

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