Canada 2017 – Othello Tunnels

12th July, 2017.

A place of interest not far from Hope is the Othello Tunnels, a series of 5 tunnels and several bridges formerly part of the Kettle Valley Railway running in almost a straight line through a gorge. Opened in 1915, the line was decommissioned in 1989 and is now a walking trail.

I was surprised to see so many tour buses and tourists when we arrived as I had not realised what a popular destination it was. However, the location has been used a number of times in film productions, perhaps most notably in Rambo: First Blood in which Sylvester Stallone can be seen hanging off the cliff while being attacked by a helicopter. Thanks to Wikipedia for that bit of information.

It was quite a hot day and this leafy shade made for a pleasant walk to the tunnels.

There were stunning views down into the gorge from the bridges.

An amazing feat of engineering.

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