Days 11 – 15 in Tassie

24th November, 2017.

As we would have had to hitch up and move from our riverside site at Myrtle Park because the site was booked for the weekend, we decided we might as well move on to Old Macs Farm on the outskirts of Launceston for a few days.

We arrived fairly early and found plenty of suitable campsites, some bordering the lake and others in more of a paddock setting. We chose a site where we backed on to the lake without of clear view of the water due to some high growing shrubs and grasses but we could see enough to make it a pleasant spot.

It was a nice sunny day so after setting up our camp we went for a walk around the two lakes which abounded with birdlife and busy insects.

A family of Chestnut Teals.

Pacific Black Duck and chicks.

A pair of Black Swans that had a sizable cygnet.

A White-faced Heron.

There were lots of Tasmanian Native Hens rushing about followed by their chicks.

A Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike.

A European Goldfinch.

25th November, 2017.

It was a little overcast and drizzly so we just stayed around the caravan for the day. As usual Erich was out with his camera to capture the local wildlife.

The black swans wandered around very close to our camp, seemingly unperturbed by our presence.

A Eurasian Coot or Taucherli as they are known in Switzerland.

The nearby Bottlebrush (Callistemon) shrub was a magnet for all kinds of birds including this Silvereye.

A female Superb Fairy-Wren.

26th November, 2017.

Unfortunately our plans to visit Cataract Gorge were thwarted due to persistent rain so we just did our grocery shopping and headed back to Old Macs. With not much else to do, we decided to have lunch at the adjoining restaurant. The Stonesthrow Restaurant seems very popular with the locals with long tables filled with family groups but they managed to find a spot for us.

The view from the restaurant looking over the first lake towards the campground.

Lunch was really nice but I don’t understand the idea of serving the meal on a plank of wood. It is just so impractical for the diner.

It appears that a covered alfresco dining area is being completed to the far right of the main restaurant building.

Erich came across this huge White-bellied Sea-eagle on his afternoon walk.

These Little Black Cormorants enjoyed the lake.

27th November, 2017.

Monday morning and time to move on again as we have decided to explore some of the north-west coast before a gathering in Ulverstone commencing on December 7. Our destination was the Blue Wren RV Park several kilometres to the west of Ulverstone. What a surprise we got when we arrived to find our friends, Rick and Lea, already set up there.

Set among 5 acres of beautifully maintained gardens, the campsite was delightful. As it was a lovely warm, sunny day and we really needed to do some laundry, we spent the afternoon doing our chores. However, there is always time for a stroll and some photography.

The Proteas in this garden were nothing short of stunning.

This Little Wattlebird made the most of the floral offerings.

And the occasional caterpillar.

A Grey Fantail.

The view out to Bass Strait was spectacular.

Dinner with a view.

28th November, 2017.

Another beautiful day dawned and Erich was out to catch the early morning light on Goat Island just offshore. This involved a scramble over the elevated railway track but the resulting photos were worth the effort.

Pied Oystercatchers.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos.

I still had some washing to do but once that was completed we drove back into Ulverstone to have a look at the beaches and get some lunch.

There are some well-maintained buildings in the town centre with quite a mixture of architectural styles.

Heading back to our campsite, we decided to follow a Tourist Drive route which led us to a hill high above the town. Unfortunately, trees had grown too high to allow a good view.

The humble Galah can always be relied on for a bit of colour.

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4 Responses to Days 11 – 15 in Tassie

  1. johanna howard says:

    beautiful pictures and wildlife we have never seen before. Incredible you guys. Looks like you are having an fabulous time!!!!!

    • swisslulu says:

      We certainly are! Hope you two are well. We’re adding a cruise Southampton to Dubai after Amsterdam and Belgium. Looking forward to catching up next August.

  2. My youngest daughter was married in the Blue Wren Gardens, it is only 10 minutes from home

  3. swisslulu says:

    It’s a beautiful spot for a wedding. We may go back there again.

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