Days 36-38 in Tassie

19th December, 2017.

We headed back to Launceston where we planned to leave the van at Old Macs Farm while we spent 5 days in Melbourne over Christmas. After getting set up on the same site we had occupied on our previous visit, Erich went for his customary walk around the property looking for things to photograph. He came back so excited after seeing and photographing his very first Australian snake in the wild. It’s hard to believe he has never seen one in all the years he has lived here. We were able to identify it as a Lowland Copperhead, a venomous variety.

Sadly, that photo and all the photos taken that day were mistakenly deleted from his memory card. He is devastated to have lost the snake photo.

So, the only photo for the day is one that I took with my iPad from under the awning in the early evening. Not very exciting but a photograph nonetheless.

20th December, 2017.

Another quiet day around the camp and only a couple of photos for the day.

21st December, 2017.

The last time we were in Launceston the weather was not the best but today was sunny and warm so the decision was made to go to Cataract Gorge and do some of the walks.

But first we made time for a late breakfast at Stonesthrow Cafe on site at Old Macs. The new terrace dining area had been finished since our last visit so it was lovely to sit in the warm sunshine looking over the beautiful view.

There were plenty of walking options at the Gorge and instead of taking the chairlift to the other side of the gorge, we walked across the suspension bridge and up to Alexandra Lookout.

This little fellow was identified as a Tasmanian Mountain Dragon, the only native dragon in Tasmania.

The view from another Lookout.

Looking downriver towards Kings Bridge.

One of the Tamar River Cruise boats – this is as far as it can navigate up the Gorge and was in the process of turning around here.

A Dusky Woodswallow.

We didn’t get the intent of this artwork.

Feeling a little weary, we took the chairlift back across the Gorge.

The Suspension Bridge as seen from the chairlift.

Welcome swallows.

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1 Response to Days 36-38 in Tassie

  1. johanna howard says:

    So sad about the snake and the dragon will have to do. Stunning pictures. Great vacation you two..

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