Days 46 & 47 in Tassie

3rd January, 2018.

Our visit to Cradle Mountain complete, we are now moving south. Today’s target is the small, former mining town of Zeehan where there is a highly recommended Bush Caravan Park. We decided on Zeehan rather than Strahan mainly because of the school holidays and because Zeehan was more central to some of the drives we wanted to do. Driving through the town it all looked fairly closed up and sad but the caravan park was welcoming and we were soon set up on a spacious site.

After lunch we decided to do the drive to Trial Harbour, named after the small vessel “Trial” which was driven aground here during a gale in the 1880s. It was quite a pleasant 20 km drive along reasonable dirt roads to the coast. We stopped at a lookout to take a couple of photos.

The township of Trial Harbour consists of 19 permanent residents and many weekenders, all living off the grid. There is also a free camping area there.

The wind was whipping up the seas making it easy to imagine how the “Trial” had come to grief.

There is a very well maintained History Room at a private residence with lots of relics and photos from earlier times.

Back in Zeehan, we decided to have a walk around the town and admired some of the handsome buildings that evoked memories of what a thriving town it had once been.

We didn’t know quite what to make of this structure in a local park.

There is quite a comprehensive Museum located in some of these old buildings but we thought $20 each a bit much as Museums are not really our thing.

Back at camp and after more study of the weather forecast for the coming days, I phoned Wilderness Cruises to book our Heritage Cruise for the coming Friday as that looked to be the best day in the near future.

4th January, 2018.

With no firm plans for the day, we headed off on a loop drive heading north. We had hoped to drive out to Granville Harbour but as we approached the turn onto the dirt road, the heavens opened so we decided to stay on the bitumen and continue our circuit.

We came to a lookout overlooking Reece Dam and Power Station damming the Pieman River. The single lane road can be seen running across the top of the dam.

On the far side of the dam there was a sizable camp spot where three rigs had set up camp close to the water’s edge. It would be a great spot for fishing and kayaking.

Driving on, we came to a lookout with some spectacular views.

Turning back onto the Murchison Highway which we had driven along the previous day, we decided to try for some lunch in the small town of Tullah. We overshot the entrance to a Tavern on the highway itself so decided to see if we could find something else in the tiny town down a side street. We were amazed to come across a resort right on the banks of Lake Roseberry. While waiting for our lunch order, Erich took a few photos of the grounds.

Capturing this male Superb Fairy-Wren was a bonus.

After leaving Tullah, we turned off the highway onto a minor road which would take us past Lake Plimsoll before joining the highway again some 18 kms past the turn to Zeehan., giving us more spectacular views despite the less than favourable weather.

It was a very nice day trip through some interesting countryside and more temperate rainforest along the northern edge of Lake Roseberry.

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  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Thank you what great time you are having .

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