Days 49 and 50 in Tassie

6th January, 2018.

We spent a quiet day around camp catching up with the washing and not doing very much else.

Agapanthus grow very well in Tasmania. We have seen them everywhere. This white variety was just opening.

7th January, 2018.

The weather was still holding so we decided on a day trip to Nelson Falls as we didn’t like our chances of being able to stop there with the van after we left Zeehan in the morning. We bypassed the centre of Queenstown as we would have a look around there on our return from the falls. The drive up the mountain out of Queenstown is not for the faint-hearted with 5 kms of very steep, hairpin turns but it prepared us well for making the trip with the van the next day.

Sure enough, the car park at Nelson Falls was quite full when we arrived vindicating our decision to make it a separate trip.

The walk to the waterfall is very easy, consisting of compacted dirt and boardwalk in parts, meandering along beside the river.

The falls were lovely.

Back in Queenstown, we went in search of lunch and found ourselves at the old Empire Hotel across the road from the Wilderness Railway Station.

The interior was quite magnificent, especially the grand staircase.

After lunch we wandered across to have a look at the railway station.

Back in Zeehan, we refuelled and began packing up for our move to Mount Field the next day.

For some reason, the map doesn’t show the drive from Queenstown to Nelson Falls.

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  1. johanna howard says:

    You to could publissh a beautiful travel guide or a coffee table book. I would like to place an order.

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