A Photographic Tour on Day 54 in Tassie

11th January, 2018.

Having met by coincidence at our lunch break, I organised a photographic tour with Greg Power for 6:00pm. I arrived a bit early and started to take photos at the entrance of the park.

It didn’t take long for Greg to arrive. We discussed what I hoped to achieve in the two hours I was going to spend with him. I explained that I would like him to go for a walk with me and for him to explain the thought process that he goes through when going out to take photos. Greg readily agreed and of we went towards the falls.

Walking along the river we soon came to an area that Greg found interesting. We went off the track and checked out the water, ferns and the fallen tree trunks. He explained to me how he likes to organise elements in the picture and as it was getting dark, we would have the opportunity to take some long exposure shots to smooth the water. It took quite some time to find a frame that pleased Greg. This photo was a first attempt.

We played around with different exposures.

and this was the final result.


We  then headed to Russell Falls. Once again we left the boardwalk and set up closer to the falls. Again Greg explained how he would like to incorporate the tree fern into the shot, framing, rather than distracting from the waterfall. A longish exposure time resulted in the smooth look of the water.

We moved around a bit to incorporate the moss covered rocks in the foreground.

This was best achieved by taking the shot from almost  ground level.

From the same spot we looked back and noticed this clump of tree ferns.

A landscape shot gives quite a different feeling to the picture.

It seemed in no time our two hours together was nearing the end. Before wrapping up we took two more photos of the falls.

This one was taken from the board walk. I quite like the dreamy look that the late light created.

I had a great time with Greg and I am sure that his explanations will help me with my photography in the future. I  obviously don’t claim these photos to be my photos, although I pressed the button in most of them. But they aren’t Greg’s photos either. I am sure he would have processed them quite differently.

If you are going to be in the area and have an interest in improving your photography, I certainly can recommend a tour with Greg. He trades under the business name ‘Great Aussie Photo Tour’,  but there isn’t much of a social media presence yet. This may sound like he is not really set up to teach… but I can assure you he is an accomplished professional photographer, willing to share his vast knowledge. At this point in time, the best way to contact him is through this web address. http://www.waterfallscafe.com.au/index.php/photo-tours

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2 Responses to A Photographic Tour on Day 54 in Tassie

  1. johanna howard says:


  2. While I am not an avid photographer, I do appreciate how you shared the experience.

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