Day 54 in Tassie

11th January, 2018.

We got off to an early start planning to explore some of the Mount Field National Park. We bypassed the Visitor Centre where there is a boardwalk leading to Russell Falls and drove to a parking area further up the hill where we could walk through the Tall Trees Forest and then on to Horseshoe Falls before descending to Russell Falls.

The huge trees were certainly magnificent but it is difficult to get the effect in photographs.

This clinometer has been provided to demonstrate how the height of a tree can be calculated.

Our first sighting of a Bassian Thrush. We saw a few of these birds scratching around on the forest floor unperturbed by our presence.

This Pademelon also seemed used to humans and just stared at us as we walked past.

The very pretty Horseshoe Falls were appropriately named. They would be very impressive after winter rain and snowfall.

We had a couple of hundred steps down to get a good view of Russell Falls but it was worth the effort.

Our host at Left of Field had recommended a visit to Forest Secrets located on the edge of the National Park. This was certainly something a bit out of the ordinary comprising a self-guided walk through the forest, along a sensory trail with a Forest Flavours Tucker Box for tasting various foods relating to plants and trees along the way. We did manage to spot the resident platypus but it quickly disappeared before we could get a photo.

This is one of seven Great Cormorants that were perched in a tree above the river.

The first of the tasting morsels was at this point.

A beautiful Banksia flower.

There were various rustic (and rusty) art works, all constructed from recycled materials, placed along the trails. We thought this representation of a Tasmanian Tiger was particularly good.

A metallic Echidna.

Also recommended to us was a visit to the Styx River to do the Big Tree Walk and also the river walk. Once again, the trees here are massive.

Prior to heading out to do these walks, we stopped in the small town of Maydena to refuel the car and get some lunch at the cafe. Whilst there Erich enquired about the vehicle advertising photographic tours that was parked outside. As it happened, the cafe owner was also a photographer who was starting up a new venture offering photographic tours. Erich arranged to take a 2 hour tour with him that evening and that will be the subject of the next blog.

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