Day 60 in Tassie

17th January, 2018.

We had booked an afternoon boat cruise so spent the morning quietly around camp before heading back to Adventure Bay.

Each of the 5 boats holds 43 passengers and there are two cruises per day which mostly seem to be booked out at this time of year. That’s over 400 passengers per day! It’s hard to believe that there are so many people on this small island but it seems that many come as day trippers either driving themselves or on organised tours out of Hobart.

The morning cruise returning.

And then it was our turn. Fortunately this time the weather forecast was accurate and we looked to be in for a great afternoon.

The rugged cliffs were magnificent with many caves at the waterline.

Our skipper took us at speed between this dolerite sea column and the dolerite cliffs – not once but twice. Quite a thrilling experience.

We idled close to this blow hole and watched in awe as the spray exploded from the ocean. Thankfully we were supplied with spray jackets as we got quite wet from a couple of particularly large blows.

Down at the very bottom of the island hundreds of male fur seals colonise rock islands. We were warned about the smell but the wind must have been flowing the right way as it did not bother us much at all.

On the return journey we saw a number of seabirds, including this Shy Albatross and what was identified by one of the crew as a Northern Giant-Petrel but unfortunately no photo of that one. Above the seals, a Swamp Harrier was circling, but the photo didn’t turn out. It was quite a challenge to get decent photos from the rocking boat!

It was a great trip and is highly recommended.

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