Days 68 – 71 in Tassie

25th January, 2018.

Today a visit to MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, was on the agenda. It had been recommended as a ‘must see’ so although we are not great fans of museums we felt we had to experience it. There is not a great deal of parking and by the time we arrived just 45 minutes after opening, we had to join scores of others parking in the overflow area which is quite a walk from the museum itself, so it is hardly surprising that many people take a ferry from close to Salamanca Place. As the museum is free for Tasmanian residents, it’s understandable that it is so popular.

I have to say that the current exhibition, the Museum of Everything, was very well done but the rest of the permanent exhibits left us cold. I especially don’t enjoy wandering around in the semi-darkness which apparently adds to the atmosphere. After wandering around for a couple of hours, we had lunch in the Tapas Restaurant which was excellent though pricey.

These mosaic pieces were one of my favourite exhibits.

Another favourite, these figures appeared to be carved from stone but are actually made from egg cartons.

The view from the restaurant was great.

26th January, 2018.

Australia Day. We had decided to lay low for the day to avoid the crowds and, as the weather was fine, I caught up with the washing. We did have a lamb roast on the BBQ for dinner as our nod to the day.

Just a few photos from around camp.

27th January, 2018.

The Salamanca Markets are held in Hobart every Saturday morning and are a huge tourist drawcard. I had been to them on my first visit to Tasmania some 35 years ago but felt another visit was in order. It was incredibly crowded so we did a quick circuit, picked up a delicious take-away Paella which we enjoyed sitting in the shade of an adjoining park, bought a few vegetables and then beat a hasty retreat.

There were some very nice handmade items for sale. I was looking for a new wallet for myself but was amazed to find that 80% of the stalls offering leather goods had items made overseas yet were asking incredibly high prices. Needless to say, I didn’t buy one.

28th January, 2018.

With the Australia Day holiday behind us, we felt Sunday was a good day to pack up and head out of Hobart to continue our travels. The traffic certainly was the lightest we had encountered during our stay there. It was just a short drive to the town of Sorell and we were fortunate to get the only free spot left in the low cost camp ground provided by the Council. It was probably the best spot too as it was on the end, furthest from the road and with no one on one side of us. Once set up and with a maximum 5 night allowed stay, we decided this would be a good spot to make our base to explore the Tasman Peninsula and the surrounding area, so we paid the princely sum of $25.60 for our 5 nights and relaxed for the rest of the day.

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