Days 79 – 81 in Tassie

5th February, 2018.

Our last day in Triabunna was spent quietly around camp so nothing to report.

6th February, 2018.

After breaking camp in Triabunna, we set off for the Freycinet Peninsula and our intended campsite at the Coles Bay Golf Club.

We arrived to find the campground completely empty so had plenty of choice which site to take. Once set up, we drove down to the National Park Ranger Station to get a map of the walks available, some of which we intended to do the next day. A very short walk from the Ranger Station, there was a fantastic view of The Hazards.

Back at the van, the wind was now howling from the east making our decision to put out the awning unwise. Too late to take it down though; all we could do was make sure the guy ropes were firmly anchored in the ground.

7th February, 2018.

Next morning the wind had abated but was forecast to increase again during the day, so before leaving for our exploration of the National Park, we rolled it in. I had read that the car park at the Wineglass Bay walk fills very quickly so we got off to a reasonably early start and arrived at around 9am. Even so, the numerous car parks were already about half full.

We planned only to walk to the lookout as the return trip to Wineglass Bay itself was beyond us. Halfway up, we stopped for a breather and photos.

Looking back towards Honeymoon Bay.

Chatting to a fellow walker.

This rock reminded us of a hippo’s mouth.

Lots and lots of steps still to go.

This seat was beautifully crafted.

The view from the lookout was worth the effort.

Wineglass Bay on the left and Promise Bay on the right.

Sitting on a rock, this was my view of the view.

Beautifully coloured bark of a Eucalypt.

Finally back at the car park, we were greeted by this little fellow.

Next stop was the Cape Tourville Lighthouse, a 15 minute drive across the peninsula.

Beautiful views along the circuit walking track.

The lighthouse itself was not overly impressive, having been built in 1971 and never manned.

On the drive back we stopped at Sleepy Bay for a few more photos.

Having worked up an appetite for lunch, we stopped at the Freycinet Marine Farm and had a lovely light lunch of pan-fried Abalone, something we had not eaten for many years.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for more of their delicious mussels, so I bought a kilo and a half of unbearded specimens, a bargain at $10 per kilo. They were very clean and didn’t require scrubbing and the de-bearding was an easy job. I cooked them up for dinner with spicy chorizo, tomato and white wine. Yum!

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