Days 85 – 86 in Tassie

11th February, 2018.

Our time in Bicheno at an end, we headed north to the Bay of Fires.

We were delighted to find the campsite that we had chosen as the ideal on our reconnoitre to be vacant when we arrived. Nice and spacious, tucked in the bushes away from the onshore winds and with plenty of privacy.

The surrounding Banksia trees were teeming with birdlife. This is a Little Wattlebird.

A male Superb Fairy-Wren moulting out of his breeding plumage.

During our short visit to Binalong Bay a few days ago, we had seen advertisements for Bay of Fires Eco Tours. While on a walk along the beach, Erich spotted one of their boats cruising along the edge of the Bay. Very similar boats to those that Pennicott Cruises use at Bruny Island and the Tasman Peninsula.

I had high hopes that this would be identified as a Tasmanian Thornbill but sadly it was the more common Brown Thornbill.

This is a Beautiful Firetail, the only finch found in Tasmania.

12th February, 2018.

One of our aims while visiting this area was to see St Columba Falls, located near Pyangana, west of St Helens. It was a pleasant drive over more relatively steep and winding roads but the falls were worth the effort. Reputed to be the tallest falls in Tasmania, it was difficult to get the entire drop in the photos. A short video that I took on my iPhone probably gives the best impression.

Back at Swimcart Beach the sun was shining but it was very windy so we didn’t envy those camped along the beachfront their spectacular sea views.

Even the birds had trouble against the winds.


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