Days 89 & 90 in Tassie

15th February, 2018.

Time to move inland again and the day’s destination was St Marys but first we had to tow the van up St Marys Pass. As we were leaving St Helens we heard truckies talking over the two-way about a broken down car on a blind corner on the Pass. My anxiety levels were already fairly elevated and this news did nothing to alleviate them. Fortunately, just as we reach the base of the climb, the tow truck carrying the stranded vehicle passed us heading the other way. As it turned out the drive was not bad at all as there was very little traffic going down and we had no one behind us until we reached the top of the climb.

The Recreation Grounds were fairly busy when we arrived but we found a spot at the far end.

The Recreation Grounds adjoin the Golf Course so the outlook is pleasant enough.

We had a look around town and a great chat with one of the owners of an antiques and collectables store, Toad Hall. There were some wonderful pieces there and they had done a great job of restoring what had once been an old Bank. Unfortunately, no photo.

16th February, 2018.

Having seen most of St Marys the previous day, we set off to find another waterfall, Mathinna Falls, north of Fingal. Once we hit the dirt roads outside the town of Mathinna, it was a rocky 10km trip with the last 150 metres being a one lane track. Fortunately, the only vehicle already there could see us as we approached the parking area and reversed back to allow us to get in. It was a 10 minute walk to the falls which were absolutely stunning in a beautiful setting surrounded by tree ferns.

Returning to Fingal, we stopped for photos of some of the old buildings and churches.

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