Days 103 – 108 in Tassie

1st March, 2018.

It’s difficult to believe that today is the first day of Autumn in Australia. Just a quiet day around camp and a few photos.

The lovely Superb Fairy-Wrens kept us amused, flitting about amongst the leaves calling to one another.

We haven’t seen a lot of grasshoppers down here.

Once again the skies were threatening but nothing came of it.

2nd March, 2018.

A beautiful Green Rosella, another bird endemic to Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands.

Pied Oystercatchers.

A dainty Silvereye striking a pose.

An immature Pacific Gull.

A mature Pacific Gull.

Lots of Black Swans in Tasmania.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos.

A White-faced Heron and Pied Oystercatchers.

3rd March, 2018.

Another lovely day so we drove around to Bakers Beach on the Bass Strait side of the peninsula where there were some lovely vistas.

Looking across Port Sorell to Shearwater.

A Grey Fantail.

A female Superb Fairy-wren

A Pademelon, a relative of the Wallaby.

4th March, 2018.

Another quiet day. The Grey Fantail was still around this morning.

5th March, 2018.

Packing up to move on, Erich managed to get a shot of another Green Rosella before we left camp.

On the way back to Latrobe, we detoured via Shearwater where one of our fellow RVHB residents still has a home, as she invited us to stop by for morning tea. With stunning uninterrupted views across the water, we are not surprised she chooses to spend the summer months there.

6th March, 2018.

With more lovely weather predicted for the day, we set off on a walk over Dooley’s Hill to Bells Parade and then back in to town. The first part of the walk over the hill was quite steep with a number of stairs up and down. Lots of rustling was heard in the bushes and many of these little pademelons seemed to be the cause.

Bells Parade looking across to Pig Island surrounded by the Mersey River.

It was a lovely walk over some grassy parkland and then through thick woodland which in parts was quite muddy due to recent rain.

Our return walk was along the Sheann Memorial Walk which lead us back into the centre of Latrobe. We came across a field where goats were grazing.

It was a pleasant way to spend the morning and showed us another side of Latrobe that we did not discover on our first visit.

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1 Response to Days 103 – 108 in Tassie

  1. johanna howard says:

    Surprised you would even leave Australia! So beautiful.

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