Days 109 – 113 in Tassie

7th March, 2018.

Our 2 day camping limit at Latrobe was over so time to move on. We decided to return to Forth, the very first place we camped at on our arrival in Tasmania. It was a relatively short drive from Latrobe and once set up we headed back to Devonport to buy a few things to restock our supply of spares, such as motor oil.

As it was such a beautiful day, it seemed a shame to just return to camp. I had heard about a great restaurant at The Bluff in Devonport so we decided to treat ourselves to lunch there. The restaurant is located in the very modern Surf Life Saving Club building and has lovely views across the foreshore.

We shared the seafood platter which was all locally sourced seafood and as fresh as could be.

8th March, 2018.

With another glorious day in the offing, it was a great opportunity to revisit a town which we had only previously driven through. Penguin is located on the north coast between Ulverstone and Burnie.

These Art Deco style buildings looked rather out of place.

There were lots of Little Wattlebirds in the trees along the road to and in the Lions Park. I had never seen one pose with its tail in the air like this.

Probably the most interesting building along the main street is the Uniting Church.

9th March, 2018.

Time to move back to Devonport in preparation for our departure the following day. Erich wasn’t feeling 100% so we spent the day around camp with just a couple of photos taken.

This White-faced Heron posed nicely in the top of a dead tree in the neighbouring field.

10th March, 2018.

Departure day but we were booked on a night sail so we had the whole day to fill in. We were camped at the local sports ground; it was a Saturday and therefore football matches were being played on the grounds. It became so busy that we decided to go for a drive to check out where we could park in the side streets close to our departure point.

The entrance to the Mersey River looking across to The Bluff.

Having found a good place to park with the van, we returned to the Sports Ground and prepared to leave. As we were doing so, we began chatting with the couple camped in a motorhome close to us. It turned out that they live in the same Over 50s village as my sister and brother-in-law. It’s a small world!

We were checked in and parked in the boarding area by 6.15pm but it was to be more than 2 hours before boarding began and we were one of the last aboard. Needless to say by 9pm when we finally got to our cabin we were tired and hungry. A quick pizza and a bottle of wine and we were off to bed hoping for a smooth crossing.

11th March, 2018.

After a good night’s sleep, dawn saw us approaching Melbourne.

Disembarking was certainly faster than boarding and we were soon on our way to a Caravan Park for a couple of nights. Luckily the site they had earmarked for us had already been vacated so there was no delay booking in and setting up.

The trees around our site were full of Red Wattlebirds making lots of noise and chasing each other.

In the evening we caught up with our youngest daughter, Amy, at a local Thai Restaurant.

That’s the end of our 4 month adventure in Tasmania. We had a great time and were happy that we had enough time to see as much as we did. Will we return? Perhaps but I doubt we will be towing a caravan next time.

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3 Responses to Days 109 – 113 in Tassie

  1. johanna howard says:

    Glad you had such a great trip. Awesome pics.

  2. I am glad you had a good time in Tassie and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your travels

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