Back on the mainland – Part – 6

26th March 2016

From Yass we travelled to Gundagai, another pretty town with lots of historical buildings. We camped in a donation camp within walking distance of the town center.

The town originally was on the floodplain (where the campsite is) and was completely destroyed in floods in 1852. Two Aborigines rescued many people from the floods and this story is being kept alive by numerous monuments in the town. The old townsite was abandoned and a new town was built on the hilly slopes on the edge of the floodplain.

There are a couple of abandoned bridges over the floodplain, a railway bridge and a bridge for vehicles. I would have loved to explore along them, but access is barred.

27th March 2018

We went on a round trip to the old goldmining towns of Adelong and Tumut. First stop was at a lookout above the town of Gundagai.

It was a short drive to the Adelong Creek Falls Gold Ruins. This is a worthwhile stop not only for the historical buildings, but also for the scenic landscape along the creek which tumbles over many small falls.

There are extensive walks on both sides of the creek, but I wasn’t keen to walk across the narrow bridge which had no railings…

It wasn’t far to the small Township of Adelong. Once again, historical buildings make this town attractive.

Our next stop was Tumut, a considerably larger town. We walked around the town, had lunch at a bakery before returning to Gundagai.

Back in Gundagai we went to the Tourist Office where I wanted to see the Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece. This is a miniature cathedral assembled from tiny pieces of marble. An audio guide explains the history of the work and the man. The main object of the sculptor was to show of the beauty and diversity of the NSW marble.

The rest of the photos I took around Gundagai.

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