Back on the mainland – Part 8

5th April 2018
We left Wagga Wagga together with most other campers. All the same Lesley managed to find a campsite where we were on our own – Touts Lookout north of Young. Spectacular views from this place. Many photos in this post, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to take just another one.

6th April 2018
A few more photos from Touts Lookout before we left.

Destination for the day was Macquarie Woods Recreation Area – a drive just a bit over 200km.

We had camped here before when it was lush and green. This time around it was all very dry. All the same a nice spot.
7th April 2018
We stayed a second day at Macquarie Woods. Just some photos around the campsite.

8th April 2018
We had arranged to meet our friends Chuck and Catriona in Lithgow for a get-together and lunch. We camped at Lake Wallace nearby. A nice campground, close to the lake.

We had lunch at Station Expresso in the old Railway Station Wallerawang. A great place we would have liked to go to for lunch with our friends. However, they were closed the next day.

9th April 2018
Our friends arrived mid-morning and we enjoyed a good reunion and chat before driving the short distance to the Lithgow Workers Club for lunch. It is always good to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen for some time.

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