A few days at the Redcliffe Showgrounds

22nd November 2018 – 28th November 2018

I had a couple of medical appointments in Brisbane. We thought we would take the van down and camp at the Lawnton Showgrounds. However they were expecting a big group and couldn’t be certain they could accommodate us. After considering a few different options, we decided on the Redcliffe Showgrounds. This was a very good choice. We were parked in a quiet spot and it is not far to anywhere. On the first day I walked to the Redcliffe Esplanade, past the famous Redcliffe Jetty. This is the third Jetty built at this location, constructed in 1995.

On the way I came across a lovely canal with lots of birdlife.

It clouded over towards the evening and we were quite lucky to catch the full moon between the passing clouds.

Following are a few of the photos I took over the next couple of days, right in the showgrounds.

One morning I went for a drive on the Redcliffe Peninsula. First stop was at the Woody Point Jetty. It brought back memories from my first visit here – an early morning Photography Session with a professional photographer.

View from the jetty.

Close by is the Gayundah Wreck – although this makes it sound as if the ship grounded accidentally. In reality the stripped hull was purchased and beached as a breakwater for Woody Point in 1958.
I walked a bit along the foreshore, practicing my drone flying skills.

In the evening we returned to Woody Point for fish and chips. We were lucky to catch a nice sunset.

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