Nanango – Mingo Crossing

From Peach Trees we drove to Nanango, stopping for a pie at the Blackbutt Woodfired Bakery. It was a very hot day in Nanang0 and we decided to stay on power in a low-cost caravan park. Apart from re-stocking supplies we pretty much remained inside. We played card games and enjoyed a good internet connection. Towards the evening I went for a quick walk and took a photo on my phone in Pioneer Park.

We had good memories of Beef and Reef at the RSL here. Although it was not far, we decided to drive to the RSL.  A good meal, but no Beef and Reef on the menu this time.

The following day we left for Mingo Crossing, east of Gayndah. On the day of arrival, we had an interesting sunset.

Apparently, a lot of work has been performed in the unpowered area – new roads have been put in and sites have been pegged out. We were the first to camp in this area since the road had been put in.

Mingo Crossing is another place with not much to do, especially if you don’t fish or boat. So bird watching and generally taking photos were the main activities. And more card games.

Plenty of Pelicans around.

A Great Egret fishing.

Lesley heard the Whistling Kites in the distance so I went for a walk to find them. I spotted one on a dead tree on the foreshore.

An Australasian Darter drying its wings.

Red-winged Parrot.

A White-necked Heron.

Hundreds of Comorants flew across the Burnett River the first couple of evenings we were here. To a lesser extent we also saw them in the morning.

Close by there is a bat colony. The bats were not very happy about me walking by, taking photos.

The bat colony is close to this creek entering the Burnett River.

Cormorants on the other side of the river.

We only left Mingo Crossing once during our 7-day stay. We went on a round trip through Degilbo, Biggenden, Booyal (on the Bruce Highway), Gin Gin to Mt Perry to return to Mingo Crossing. All beautiful scenery, but the only photos I have are from Mt Perry Lookout. Mt Perry in the background on this photo.

Panorama from the lookout.

Back at Mingo Crossing – Whistling Kite in flight.

Some drone photos around Mingo Crossing, looking away from the campgrounds.

Looking across the river – looks like rain

Australasian Pipit

So many stars…

More drone photos

Awning in. Almost ready for departure to drive home tomorrow.

I really enjoyed this short trip away. I hope we will be able to do similar trips in the future, although we are planning some big trips. If all goes well we will head to New Zealand, go on a cruise to the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand including Macquarie Island and a motorhome trip on the north island of New Zealand. When we return we have about two weeks to go down to Wagga Wagga for the Stone the Crows festival. No firm plans after that.

We really enjoyed last year’s festival and want to do it again.

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