Peach Trees Camping Area near Jimna

29th November 2018 to 3rd December 2018

Lesley had picked Peach Trees Camping Area near Jimna, north of Kilcoy, as our next stop. This was a short drive (around 100km) along interesting country roads. The last part I took slowly along steep and winding roads. The drive was sure worthwhile – Peach Trees is a beautiful spot and we managed to get a great site. Kangaroos were grazing all around us, not scared by our presence.

The campsite was flat enough to stay hooked up. No need to unhook as we were not planning to go sight-seeing.

In addition to the kangaroos, there was also plenty of birdlife to entertain us.

This brush turkey strolled under our awning…

This Noisy Friarbird has a face only its mother could love.

We didn’t really do much while camped here. It is such a relaxing place, no need to do much. Of course I always take photos… so here are a few more.

A female Satin Bowerbird perched on a branch beside our campsite to snack on berries.

A Laughing Kookaburra.

A few aerial photos of the camping area.

I went for a fairly long walk along the Eugenia Circuit which took me high above Yabba Creek.

All along the track, I could hear birds singing.

A Red-browed Finch

In particular, I could hear the distinctive call of Bell Birds. We have heard them many times before, but I had never seen the bird itself until now. The correct name is Bell Miner.

I think this is Lantana, a pest that unfortunately seems to grow everywhere in this area.

At the highest point there is a viewing area overlooking a waterhole along Yabba Creek.

After passing the viewing platform, the descent down to Yabba creek is fairly steep in places and I was careful not to slip – you wouldn’t want to have an accident in an area that does not have phone coverage.

My last bird sighting on this track before returning to the campsite was a Lewin’s Honeyeater.

The following day I went for another walk – this one was more of a stroll along a well made track, partially on boardwalks. All the same, it provided good views and wildlife.

Another Bell Bird.

A male Australasian Figbird.

The following two photos I took while sitting under our awning. A Brown Cuckoo-Dove.

In the evening I walked over to the creek, hoping to see platypus, but no such luck. They are definitely there as other people have sighted them.

A Little Pied Cormorant.

Back at the van, this little one came to say hello on our last night here. A Pale-headed Rosella.

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