Sub-Antarctic Cruise – Dusky, Doubtful and Milford Sounds

23rd February, 2019.

Finally it was time to board.

Fryatt Street Wharf was not very inviting.

The open-air Grill Restaurant on the pool deck.

Larnach Castle which I had visited on my first trip to Dunedin some 38 years ago.

First order of business was to be fitted with our complimentary expedition jackets.

Complimentary drinks and canapés were served in the lounge whilst embarkation and border security was completed.

Leaving Dunedin as the sun was setting.

Re-fueling before departing on our big cruise.

24th February, 2019.

A beautiful sunrise.

Perfect weather for lunch in the Grill Restaurant.

Heading west along the southern coast of the South Island on our way to Dusky Sound.

Hundreds of sea birds kept the photographers entertained.

Approaching Dusky Sound.

Entering Dusky Sound.

Looking out from the forward observation lounge on Deck 6

The water creating this waterfall flows out through a hole in the mountainside.

Dropping the anchors.

25th February, 2019.

A perfect morning in Dusky Sound for our first Zodiac adventure.

Members of the Expedition Team head out at first light to check conditions for a Zodiac tour.

Looking back at the ship from our Zodiac.

A fur seal at rest.

The ever-present gull.

One of the 14 Zodiacs with passengers and two of the Expedition team of 12 Naturalists.

A Sooty Oystercatcher.

A plaque in Pickersgill Harbour in Dusky Sound where Captain James Cook moored the Resolution at Astronomer’s Point in 1773.

Returning to the ship after completing our first Zodiac trip.

Zodiac storage on Deck 7. The unloading and reloading of the Zodiacs was quite a feat even in the smoothest seas.

Leaving Dusky Sound and heading north to Doubtful Sound.

26th February, 2019.

Early the next morning we were entering Milford Sound to almost perfect weather.

The Expedition team was already scouting in the Zodiacs.

Loading the Zodiacs from the rear hydraulic platform. Passengers in red, Expedition team in yellow.

We had a wonderful Zodiac tour around the Sound getting right up close to the waterfalls – so close that we were covered in spray with no possibility of taking photos, apart from a few fur seals sunning themselves on the opposite walls.

Our ship looking magnificent against the majestic backdrop.

Underway once again and there is always something to do if one is inclined – a bit of line dancing in the lounge.

Or, more to Erich’s taste, lots of Albatross to photograph, adult and immature.

A perfect end to a wonderful tour of some of New Zealand’s rugged south west coast.

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