Sub-Antarctic Cruise – The Snares and Enderby Island

27th February, 2019.

Leaving Milford Sound, we headed south towards the Snares Islands where we were looking forward to a Zodiac tour around the islands. Unfortunately, on arrival, the weather was simply too rough to deploy the Zodiacs but nevertheless the scenery was magnificent and we saw a lovely rainbow to top it off.

For the entire cruise, we had free satellite wifi internet. We were amazed that we had access wherever we were.

Once again we were awed by the birdlife.

Cape Petrel

Buller’s Albatross

Seeing a pod of Dusky Dolphins was certainly a highlight.

28th February, 2019.

Auckland Islands – Enderby Island, the northern most island of the Auckland group was to be our next stop. Luckily the seas were relatively calm so that we were about to land and hike across the island.

We were lucky enough to see some endangered Yellow-eyed Penguins.

A New Zealand Pipit

A Southern-Royal Albatross

It was towards the end of the season for the native flowers with just a few blooms remaining.


The Ponant Ship Le Laperouse

Albatross courting ritual.

We were thrilled to see a Tomtit.

Sea Lions can be very aggressive and this one was lying almost across the boardwalk. We had strict instructions that we were not allowed off the boardwalks at any time during our shore excursions but disturbing the wildlife is also a no-no. Our Expedition leaders had to scope out a track through the surrounding area for us to pass at a safe distance.

Waiting for our Zodiacs to arrive, a group of sea lions surfed onto the beach.

Yellow-eyed Penguins making their way from the sea to their burrows quite a long way inland. Their track, known Penguin Alley, had to be crossed to get to and from the Zodiacs. We had to wait quite a long time for them to waddle off out of sight before we were allowed back to the beach.

A great end to a wonderful day.

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