Sub-Antarctc Cruise – Enderby Island Revisited, Campbell Island Hike

4th March, 2019.

Following our exciting days at Macquarie Island, we had a sea day while the Captain repositioned the ship to pick up our route again. Not much to see appear from lots of sea birds.

It is quite a feat to be able to photograph these various Albatross.

5th March, 2019.

Arriving at Aucklands Island and unfortunately the seas were again too rough for a planned Zodiac tour of one of the bays so the decision was made to revisit Enderby Island where the seas were calmer and another cross-island excursion took place.

The expedition team checking out the conditions.

The New Zealand Pipit was still around.

More sightings of the endangered Yellow-eyed Penguin.

Tom-tit was also flitting about in the shrubbery.

Nesting Southern Royal Albatross.

A research vessel at anchor. Access to these islands is tightly controlled so only ships with the appropriate permits are allowed.

Some of the passengers resting after the hike to the far side of the island.

6th March, 2019.

On the schedule today was the much anticipated 5km return hike across Campbell Island from Perseverance Harbour to North West Harbour and fortunately, the weather was on our side


Le Laperouse anchored in Perseverance Harbour.

Awaiting our return.

Southern Royal Albatross with chick.

See the chick under the wing.



A stunning view over North West Harbour was our reward.

The hike was quite arduous at times and took over 4 hours to complete the 5km round trip.

This aggressive sea lion was not too happy about us walking through his domain. Members of the expedition team fended him off with opened umbrellas as we made our way back to the Zodiacs.

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