Chiltern Caravanersforum UWE – Lake View House

The caravan park in Chiltern is very close to Lake View House. This house was built in the 1870s and was at some stage home for author Ethel Richardson who published under the pen name of Henry Handel Richardson. On Easter Sunday a market was held in the grounds of Lake View House and the house itself was open for inspection.

This is the kind of museum we enjoy, showing a place as it was many years ago. So we appreciated the chance to look through the house and admire the period furnishings as well as some of the memorabilia relating to the author.

This side of the house overlooks the lake.

The interior of the house hase been furnished in the period style. This is the living room.

The dining room

Plaque commemorating the author Ethel Richardson attached to the outside wall of the building. “The Fortunes of Richard Mahony” is now in the public domain in Australia and can be downloaded for free from I am not so certain that the inscription is correct. In other references she lived in this house in her childhood and she based the novel on her childhood memories.

The book, although fiction, depicts the early Australian life and looks like a good read. I have started reading it and will probably continue to do so.

There is no kitchen in the main house, but it is housed in a separate building. This used to be quite common – for one the fire danger was outside the main building.

I love the old stove.

The lovely gardens surround the house.

The flowers in the garden were abuzz with bees when we visited.

In the front garden.

Behind the main building

Under an old tree.

I really enjoyed Lake View House  and thoroughly recommend travellers to the area include a visit to Lake View House in their stay. For opening hours check out the National Trusts website.

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