Canada 2017 – Vancouver to Bridal Veil Falls

15th June, 2017.

Having finished our time in Victoria we now had to get to Vancouver to collect our rented Motorhome. Again there were a few choices but taking the BC Ferries Connector worked well for us. It was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel to the BCF pickup point in Victoria and then about an hour’s drive north to Stanley where our bus drove onto the ferry that would bear us to Vancouver.

Once again the weather was less than ideal but it was a pleasant crossing and interesting to see all the small islands we passed on our way to the mainland.

We were dropped at the central Railway Station where we were collected by taxi and driven to Langley, approximately 45 minutes drive away, where we were to collect the Motorhome. All went smoothly with the pickup and we were soon on our way to stock the larder and find somewhere to stay for the night. A combination of rain and a certain amount of angst driving in unknown territory meant there are no photos at all for the rest of that day. We found an RV Park on the outskirts of Fort Langley, a very pretty town with some interesting buildings. You will have to take my word for that. We walked to the local pub for dinner that night and had our first experience of taxes and tipping Canadian style. We never did get used to the advertised prices not being what we ended up paying. As far as we could establish the only commodity or service that included tax was fuel. Everything else had tax added on to the advertised price and then tipping was on top of that.

16th June, 2017.

We had a rough itinerary in mind but had nothing pre-booked until our return to Vancouver on July 15th so we more or less followed our noses for the whole trip. I had read about Bridal Veil Falls on a friend’s blog so we headed east on back roads using an iPad app called Sygic to guide us as there was no GPS provided with the vehicle. We found an RV Park close to the falls and, while I had a rest, Erich went off with his camera.

The RV Park had a lot of permanents, mostly in big 5th wheelers, and we seemed to be the only itinerant travellers there that night. There was a roadhouse with a restaurant next door where I had my first Reuben Sandwich. Yum! I am going to try to replicate this next time I cook a piece of corned beef.

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2 Responses to Canada 2017 – Vancouver to Bridal Veil Falls

  1. I have Sygic with world wide maps, I have only used the Australian version so far, but I live in hope.

    • swisslulu says:

      After reading one of your posts somewhere, I learnt how to use Sygic with WikiCamps but only after we left Canada! I will be trying it here so thanks for posting wherever it was.

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